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Xinno Corporation is an innovative software company that was established in 2000 with the debut of SmartHire, the first web-based application software that enabled an organization to streamline its online recruiting process. A complete range of cost-effective Smart business applications followed. 
SmartPay was one of the first order payment systems available to businesses, a precedent for the online payment solution offered in our Ecommerce Solutions today.

 Xinno's programming and web agencies have been developing customized solutions as well as industy-specific programs around the clock for our clients, in order to continually improve the quality of service and the versatility of our products.

 And now, more than seven years later, supported by proven services and software, we are leading the forefront of innovative ecommerce solutions, features and business applications. Xinno empowers smaller, yet formative companies to world class web presence. 

 Establish economic endurance.  Compete with confidence.  Secure your market permanence.

 In an age of high-speed information exchange and progressive developments in commercial technologies, the Internet has become essential for reinforcing your business's core logic in addition to increasing profitability. Xinno is dedicated to providing eCommerce and web solutions to enterprising businesses and organized groups we specialize in advancing the ideas of visionary entrepreneurs.

 Xinno manages your online business's end-to-end operations, from back office ICT departments and databases to facilitating the sales and marketing operations of your front office by developing and executing industry-exclusive solutions tailored to market-specific strategies. Your company's existing database and resources can be integrated with our operational platforms to enhance overall productivity.

 Xinno leverages the experience and domain expertise with a team of specialists who assess, design and implement solutions that result in competitive advantages, reduced costs and effective customer service. Our team can evaluate a business's objectives with recognized IT Best Practices and present a customized infrastructure planning model. We are committed to providing a solution to address challenges and identify opportunities that are unique to your business on or offline.

 At Xinno, we are rapidly changing what you should expect from your IT solutions provider.


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